Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We are here!

I learned several things on the drive to Texas.
1. Kansas is a pro life state....
2. Oklahoma has so many casinos, and XXX adult shops, right on the interstate...funny.
3. I hate driving.
Well, for the most part we are settled in. The guys from Erin's work made the move in so nice. They had the uhaul unpacked in 2 hours. So far we have almost everything unpacked. There are still a couple of boxes we need to go through, but things are looking good. It's amazing how many things we moved here just to go through it again....and throw it away. The first night we stayed here was a Friday night, and the downstairs neighbors had a rip-roaring party until 3 in the morning...this will be hard for us to get used to. first because we can't just go down and join in the fun, and second...because I am so used to living in a house where we didn't hear anyone else. Oh well. They got Tristan crying at 6 and 8 so I think that's karma. We are having our couched delivered on Saturday...I wish it was sooner, but that's as soon as we could get anything. This place is huge compared to what we have had in the past. It is 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bath. Crazy...but the master bed and bath is soooo nice to have. I think that's all my ramblings for now. I hope this finds all of you well.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sept 9...Is that me on the radio mom?

Is that me on the radio? Current mood: anxious Category: Life
Mom, is that me on the radio?
No Ryann her name is Taylor Swift.
Well, when can I be on the radio? Am I next? Is my name Ryann?
Yes your name is Ryann, but you are not on the radio.
Um...(how do I answer this) because you don't sing.
Yes I do, I sing and I play the piano (alligator piano) and the guitar (Hannah Montana guitar) and I play grandmas 'monica (harmonica). So Why can I not be on the radio? You and daddy said I was a good singer and player.
Yes Ryann you are. comes at you fast. It's hard to believe that I just had a conversation with my 4 year old as to why she wasn't on the radio. Poor child...if she is anything like me she will most likley be kicked out of chior for screwing around. LOL Ok, so we weren't kicked out, just ignored :) I just thought I would share this little convo. It sure made my day, she can always make me laugh. I love the honesty of children. If only we could bottle that up and save it for a later when they are 16.

Sept 4...Moving

The next big move Current mood: busy
Ok, as you know I have only ever moved once in my Idaho Falls. From here I have had more addresses than I ever thought I could rack up. However, we are on another journey, this one is taking us to Waco Texas. We will be leaving Idaho Falls on the 16th of this month and hope like hell to arrive at our apartment on the 18th. We have signed a 13 month lease for the apartment. Itis actually bigger than our current house. We are trading peace and quiet of our own home to a huge apartment complex. Well here we go!!! Another adventure.
For the most part we are packed. Our house has been 3/4 packed for 2 months now, since we knew we were moving. Now all we have to do is start taking everything apart, and loading up. Hopefully that will go easy. We are still waiting to sell our house. I pray that everything works out for the best.
Ryann has started pre-school and will be in school for a total of 6 days before we move her. I am hoping that we can get her into a school in Texas as soon as we get there.
Hope to be in touch with you all soon as I get my hectic life back together.

Aug 25...first blog

First Blog Current mood: creative
Ok so I am a blog virgin...I have been asked to start a blog to keep in touch with some friends. Here it goes...
We are in the process of moving, we currently have our house on the market and crossing our fingers for a quick sell. We are moving to Waco, TX. Yes I know crazy town, but it will be a good move for Erin professionally, and for all of us as a family. Time to start fresh.
Ryann will start her 4 year old pre-school Thursday, and I am so is she, but I get a good break 3 days a week. Ry went to preschool last year and loved it, she has asked all summer if she can go back, I said just wait, when you are 13 you will be begging me to stay home LOL
Tristan is now 5 months old and growing fast. He is such a chunk...I say we are growing a linebacker. He is super loud, and druels all the time. His favorite thing to do now is spit on people. Ryann is the only who can make him laugh 24/7. It's crazy, sometimes she scares me, she's really rough with him, but he seems to like it!
Well....that's about it for now. Hopefully we will sell our house and move soon. Keep you fingers crossed. Love you all.