Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Letter to All

December 2008
We hope this letter finds you happy & healthy. What a wonderful year we have had. Many changes have occured in our lives this year.

Tristan Allen was born March 20th. He is now a 9-month happy and healthy baby boy. He now has 6 teeth and is sitting by himself. He will soon be crawling on hands and knees; it's time for the baby gates!

Ryann is now 4 1/2 and growing up fast...where did the time go? Last year she attended pre-school for 3 year olds and loved school. She misses the interaction with the other kids, but she enjoys staying home with mom and her little brother. She is always trying to get Tristan to laugh, and usually does a pretty good job of it. She is such a helper around the house. :)

Erin is still with Delta Structural Steel Services. His promotion with the company transferred us to Waco, Texas in September. This had been a great opportunity for him professionally.

Jess now stays home with the kids. She and the kids go to spend several weeks in Wray this year. They all enjoyed spending time with family & friends.

This year we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. My question to you is...does time really fly? I do believe so sometimes, it sure had for us these last couple of years.

We hope you have had and equally exciting year. May you all be blessed with a wonderful 2009!

Happy Holidays!
Erin, Jess, Ryann, & Tristan