Monday, June 21, 2010

Everything is out there-you just have to find it!

In the word of Facebook, Blog sites, and MySpace...Everything is out there you just have to find it!
I can't sleep, so I logged onto myspace which I hardly ever do. I came across a person I went to high school with and thought 'I wonder if (fill in the blank) is as weird/crazy/odd/wacked out as they were then?' So, yep, you guessed it. I stalked the site until I noticed...YEP SHE IS STILL A NOT JOB! Was my conclusion from the photos?, the blogs?, or the status updated?...I don't know yet either, but I'm pretty sure it was the pictures!
Now-stalking may be a bad term for what I did. The site was totally open for anyone to see, and I was only on 'her' site for six point two minutes to come to this conclusion. Am I being rash?, NOPE I don't think so.
Do some people ever change or grow up at all? I'm just curious. I'm sure you are reading this and thinking one of three things: 1. Am I that person? 2. Do I know, or could I guess that person? 3. OMG! I know someone just like that!
It's not like I was like 'hey I wonder what ------------- is up to, maybe I should check her out'. This was total randomness. Apparently I need to go back to the doctor and have him up my sleeping meds, because as you can see they are not working like they are supposed to! Well, that's all for now. Hope you have a great week. And I'm sure I won't write another blog (someone may be stalking me - thinking...yep she's still a nut job!) so have a wonderful 4th of July and be safe!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Wow, so I haven't blogged in a LONG time!
Ryann just started Kindergarten, what a big girl! I can't believe how fast time goes by! It has definitely been odd not having her with me all the time. Poor Tristan doesn't know what to do with himself. If I thought he was attached to me before, he has just gotten worse! When we dropped Ryann off the first day Erin and Tristan stayed in the car while I took her to class. When I got back into the car, without crying, I know I am still so proud, T was grunting and pointing at sissy's car seat. He was like "what did you do with her?" It was too funny, but he definitely misses her! Well that's all I have for the time being! Hopefully not that Ry is at school I will have more time and energy to keep blogging! However with only one child, that doesn't talk, I'm not sure what I will have to write about! Maybe apartment hunting, or snakes in my dryer vent !
Until Next Time :)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

So I have this little girl who is obsessed with getting married. She wants to marry everyone including her daddy, mommy and brother.

My question is...does every little girl have this stage?

I ask because I don't remember going through that. As most of you know my parents divorces when I was 7, but I do know that when I was little I did love him. However, I don't remember things like that. Maybe I have blocked that out of my memory, but did I ever want to marry my dad. I don't have many good feelings or memories of him. I hope that when Ryann grows up she will still cherish her Daddy and still look up to him as her king. She is such a daddy's girl, she would prefer to do things with him over me any day.

I have also been having this problem about remembering much about my dad. Not that I don't remember anything, the memories are all just... well not great things to remember. How do I get past that and move on. I thought I had, but having a little girl who worships her daddy kinda makes me sad. Don't get me wrong I love that feeling I get when he gets home. She screams...DADDY, YOU'RE HOME I MISSED YOU! It truly makes my heart swell...but did I ever have that. I guess it doesn't matter now, but it does make me wonder what that kind of love for your dad feels like. Well...enough of my sob story.

Today is Erins' birthday. We have wrapped presents, and Ry made him a card...cute! We ordered him an ice cream cake from Coldstone Creamery...yum, but Ry reminded me that we have to get candles for the cake. So it's off to the store we go.

I hope you have a great week, and remember to love all you can when you have the chance.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Long time no blog!

Ok, so I haven't blogged in a long time. Well I think I have busy. Think being the operative word...

Tristan has been growing up so fast. I can't believe I missed all of this with Ryann. He is now crawling, and walking furniture. He weighs 24 lbs, and is in the 75% in his age group. I can't believe the difference between him and Ry at that age. T will be a year old pretty soon and I am looking forward to this.

Ryann is doing well. I enjoy being at home with her...even though most days I pull my hair out. She should be starting school this fall. She misses being with friends, and loved school in Idaho, so I think she is looking forward to this. Her new love is Star Wars...she is fascinated with the movies. Erin has to take C3PO to work with him everyday, and R2D2 gets to stay home with us. There has been several times I have forgotten R2 in the house when we go out, but Ry always has my back and has him with her. Thank goodness.

Life as I knew it had definitely changed. We have now been in Texas for 4 months. We are doing well, but I miss being around friends and family. However, we have done much more sight seeing here than we ever did in Idaho.

This last weekend we ventured to Dallas. We had fun visiting the Dallas Aquarium...not that I would have planned to spend that much money ($60.00 for 2 adults and 1 child) in one place (other than Disneyworld), but it was fun and beautiful. However I would not recommend that for an was more of a zoo with small exotic fish tanks. Not totally impresses. We also visited the Dallas Science & Nature Museum. That was fun. Ry is such a hands on little girl. These places are perfect for her. Everything there was child oriented and clean. After our little trip to the city we stopped in Arlington to have dinner with friends Lesley & Justin. Ryann enjoyed meeting new friends, and loved their cat Yoda.

I started scrapping again and remember why I love it so much. If only I had unlimited time to do this.

My mom is talking about coming to visit in March for T's birthday. Hopefully that will happen. I am also planning on visiting Wray this summer...again. I now miss home more than ever before. Hopefully we will be able to visit Idaho soon also.

Erins' parents visited us just after Christmas. It was so nice to see them again. We visited Austin when they were here...not that we saw anything, just Cabellas, and Sportsmans Wearhouse. That was kinda a trip from hell. Poor Paula got sick, and the kids were extremely bored. I don't necessarily enjoy those stores, because I have been to them before, and it was nothing new.

Well.................I think that is all I have to update on for now. I hope to do better at blogging, and keeping in touch with you all through my little ramblings.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Letter to All

December 2008
We hope this letter finds you happy & healthy. What a wonderful year we have had. Many changes have occured in our lives this year.

Tristan Allen was born March 20th. He is now a 9-month happy and healthy baby boy. He now has 6 teeth and is sitting by himself. He will soon be crawling on hands and knees; it's time for the baby gates!

Ryann is now 4 1/2 and growing up fast...where did the time go? Last year she attended pre-school for 3 year olds and loved school. She misses the interaction with the other kids, but she enjoys staying home with mom and her little brother. She is always trying to get Tristan to laugh, and usually does a pretty good job of it. She is such a helper around the house. :)

Erin is still with Delta Structural Steel Services. His promotion with the company transferred us to Waco, Texas in September. This had been a great opportunity for him professionally.

Jess now stays home with the kids. She and the kids go to spend several weeks in Wray this year. They all enjoyed spending time with family & friends.

This year we celebrated our 5th year anniversary. My question to you is...does time really fly? I do believe so sometimes, it sure had for us these last couple of years.

We hope you have had and equally exciting year. May you all be blessed with a wonderful 2009!

Happy Holidays!
Erin, Jess, Ryann, & Tristan

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Grandma Lillie

Grandma Lillie
Here we are again. My Great Grandma Lillie passed away Monday November 10, 2008. It is always hard to say goodbye to someone you love, however it was such a blessing for her to pass. She was 98...yeah I know crazy. She lived such a full life, can you believe all someone that age goes through in a lifetime. She was born in 1910, I believe she has probably seen everything that will be in the history books forever. On that note I would like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers. We know she is in a better place and is very happy and healthy now.
We have had several deaths in the past 4 years.
Grandma Lauretta McGinnis
Grandpa Darrell Cox
Uncle Herbert Oman
Aunt Lucie Oman
Grandpa Dean McGinnis
Great (great..Ry & T) Grandma Lillie McGinnis
However, there was so much life brought with all the passings. My mom now has 3 grandchildren. I know we all have different emotions in times like this. After everything was finished with the funeral yesterday my mom and aunts cousins came up to the house for a few (LOT) drinks and a game of Partini....I haven't had so much fun in such a long time. It was so good to see everyone and to celebrate life with the passing of a loved one. I hope this finds everyone happy and healthy.

Monday, October 6, 2008

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ryann has been on a...when I grow I want to be...kick. Therefore I have been thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I have thought about this a lot and have realized I am what I wanted to be when I grew up. If, and when, I ever grow up.

First, when I was 5 or so I told my mom that I wanted to be a doctor. I have success. LOL No I don't have a degree and have never went back to school, but I am the most important doctor there is. I fix skinned knees, hold my little girl when she face dives off the swing, and stay up all night with a sick baby. I even can handle Erin when he does get sick. Most of you know that dads and men are the worst patients.

When I was looking at colleges (a long time ago) I had decided that I really wanted to go to FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). seen on the Hills! Well I have successfully succeeded that design degree as well. I can move into a place and have everything decorated and organized in a matter of weeks. I am a master of making Ryann look beautiful! She gets to pick out her shorts and I have to find something else to match her lovely choice. Not an easy task some days.

Recently, I have looked into being a dental assistant. Yes...success. I brush Ryann's teeth every night.

One thing I never thought I would be, however, was a mom. I thought that maybe someday I would be a mom, but that was never at the top of my list. This one thing, well two, had made all my dreams a success. I love my children dearly and wouldn't change my decisions for anything. In my recent soul searching I have decided that I have accomplished everything I wanted date. Not that I won't and shouldn't add more tasks and dreams to this list, but I am happy where I am today, and that's all I can ask for now.

I hope you all follow your dreams and reach for them no matter what, because if I can make this funny list of success you can also.
Love, Jess